When Should You Buy Camping Gear?

People go camping in different seasons. Every season has its pros and cons. 

Similarly, the correct time to buy your camping gear may vary depending on the season.

Most of the camping gear is a bit expensive. Thus, many campers prefer to buy them at a discount or at a sale.

Whether you are a regular camper or a first-timer, whether you like luxurious or minimalist camping, knowing when and where to buy the camping gear can save you some money.

Four things you can do to ensure you buy quality camping gear without busting a bank are to find and track:

  • Online and offline sales
  • Great deals from uncommon sources
  • Off-season clearance sales
  • Look for alternatives such as second-hand products or gears swap sales

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1. When Should You Buy Camping Gear: Camping Gear Sale Timing

Though you do get good deals during festivals, there are a few more points you should keep in mind, particularly about camping gear sales.

When Should I buy camping gear
When should I buy camping gear

1.1 End of Season Sale

The regional season plays a vital role in the sale timings. It also depends on your country.

For example, in the US, summer ends in September, and at that time, all the summer outdoor gears, such as hammocks, summer sleeping bags, etc., are on sale.

Similarly, you will find some good deals on heaters, gloves, and boots after the winters.

1.2 Amazon Prime Day 

Amazon is the largest online shopping portal. You can find some good deals and decent discounts on Amazon Prime day. The date of this sale is usually around mid-July, but it may vary from year to year.

1.3 Year-end Sale

Most retailers have an end-of-the-year sale in December. You can find some good deals during Christmas and the new year. 

1.4 Off-Season Sale

Usually, things are cheaper when you buy them in the off-season. But camping does not have any fixed season.

However, every season calls for a different set of gear. You will require separate equipment for summers and winters.

You should avoid buying gear during the season because last-minute campers buy during this time. Stores are aware of this. Thus in-season shopping comes with a premium pricing on everything.

  • Buy the warmers and winter sleeping bags in spring when everyone else is looking for hammocks.
  • If you can buy more items such as winter boots during summertime, you will save quite a bit.
  • You may find that you can even purchase out-of-budget expensive items at affordable pricing in the off-season.

Online stores such as Amazon follow the same sale pattern. Regular enthusiast campers usually follow this trend to buy winter gears in summer and vice versa.

Off season sale
Off season sale

1.5 Off-Season Sales Timings

August is the month with lots of fair deals and discounts on camping gear.

From budget items to luxurious camping gear, from children’s playful activities to adult comforts, you can find discounts up to 50% on everything you may need on your camping trip.

June is the golden month of the year to find attractive deals. Almost every retail store has all the camping-related gear on a 24% sale.

June is the prime month for campers. Keep an eye on several stores that sell outdoor camping gear because they even offer a 70% discount on items during this time.

However, please compare the prices offered in June with off-season and last year’s prices. It is easy to tag an item with an exorbitant price and give deep discounts afterward. Unaware shoppers can fall prey to such tactics.

2. Buying Cheap In Peak Season

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while buying your camping gear:

  • Major holidays are the mini sale days in a retail store
  • Quick google research will help you find the season and off-season sales for your local area
  • You can find some decent gear during Labor day sales

3. Alternative Of New Camping Gear

New camping gear can be expensive and may not fit your requirements.

You may be looking for a piece of equipment for a one-off camping trip, or you may not be inclined to buy something expensive if you use it sparingly.

You can save on them by looking for replacement camping items. The trend of swapping gears has become very common, especially in places where there are a lot of campers and trekkers.

Two other sources you can look for good deals on used items are

  • REI: It has a good collection and provides a good bang for the buck
  • Garage sales: Sometimes, you may find some good items in garage sales. You can buy outdoor tables and chairs, cookware, and even tents at low prices in garage sales. You can also trade some unused gear in gear swap sales if you have some.
Garage sale
Garage sale

4. Best Discounts

To end it on a high note, here are some places that have good discounts on camping gear:

  • REI Outlet
  • Steep and cheap
  • Moosejaw
  • Camping world
  • Camp saver
  • Browse the sites such as RetailMeNot and Brad’s deals. They compile deal coupons from various brands.


To sum it up, buying affordable equipment can be achieved in four ways:

  • In the off-season
  • During the sale season (usually Christmas and major holidays)
  • Second hand
  • When a shop is going on sale (For example, Amazon prime day) or by using coupon codes


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