About Us

DivinioWorld equips archers, hunters, survivalists, campers, and hikers with tricks, tips, hacks, and gear for better preparedness outdoors.
So that you can bring out your best game.

What DivinioWorld Is All About

When you go out to plan for archery, hunting, survival, camping, or hiking, you’ll find a plethora of information; and in most cases:

  1. Either it will not be complete (not covering everything you are looking for)
  2. OR it will be factually incorrect

Thus, with DivinioWorld:

  1. You’ll be able to get the complete information and plan much better. The articles and information on DivinioWorld can go up to 2-4k words to cover everything on a particular topic.
  2. You’ll be able to get the research-backed, correct information.

Who Am I And Why I Started DivinioWorld

Hi. My name is Vineet, founder of DivinioWorld.

I am also a family guy with a cute daughter and a lovely wife, slightly addicted to trashy novels, a self-proclaimed outdoors buff, a seeker of truth, and hell-bent on creating a body and lifestyle of my dream.

I have been an outdoors person since childhood. I grew up with a true outdoors father who would prefer to go out in nature any day instead of an office. He made all of our outdoor trips seem so easy and effortless. Hence, my love for nature has been a childhood affair.

Our society, with all its advancements, has caged us. We have lost the appreciation for the art of thriving in nature. While modern society has provided us with tons of comforts, and we don’t need to go out in the wilderness, the innate longingness to return to nature has a constant pull for many people out there.

Driven by that sense of belongingness, I felt going into the wilderness will be easy. However, staying in an enclosed concrete of cities for my Engineering, MBA, and then for my job has taken away any skills or instincts I may have had.

Thus, I started to look for information and tools. But I soon realized it is not that easy. I also discovered many more people like me who are as lost and confused as I am. So I decided to create a resource point for anything outdoors. Hence came DivinioWorld.

I aim to create a place that makes anyone into a full-fledged outdoors person. Whether it be archery, hunting, survival, camping, or hiking, you will find all you are looking for here at DivinioWorld.

Vineet Jain
Vineet Jain
Founder, DivinioWorld