Prepping For Outdoors Life Survival And High End Survival Gear

Outdoor adventurous activities are highly perilous. You are subjected to rugged terrain, inhospitable weather, natural disasters, and accidents. If you carefully make preparations for outdoors life survival and carry high end survival gear, you can shield yourself from such mishaps.  

Survival gear should be a compact package of basic tools and supplies. It should help you in outdoors life survival in an emergency. Carrying the basic survival items helps you to fulfill your basic needs in an increasingly hostile environment.

The best survival gear shall contain all the important survival items such as water purifiers, lighters, compass, and so on. 

This article will guide you while prepping for the trip, along with suggestions to have the best survival gear. 

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1. Why Do People Think That Prepping For Outdoors Life Survival Is Pointless?

Some people have a misconception that prepping for outdoors life survival is pointless. This is partly because they are not fully aware of the threats of visiting an unknown land.

However, some consider themselves lucky and believe that no unfortunate event will happen to them. More often than not, they are proven sorely wrong.

According to a recent research paper published in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, prevention of harm rests primarily on visitors’ preparation (e.g., packing essential gear, conducting pre-planning, trail familiarisation). 

Many people believe that money, time, and effort are wasted in prepping. It is naive to think so. To avert dangers, making proper plans is necessary. 

No one can predict all the hurdles that you may come across in your trip. However, you will save yourself quite a lot of grief if you equip yourself with the proper gear and knowledge.

Prepping is never pointless and is a gross misconception of the people who are unwilling to put in efforts. 

2. What Does Every Prepper Need For Outdoors Life Survival?

According to a research paper published in Forensic Science International, two biggest contributors to injuries and fatalities among hikers is equipment shortage, and education/knowledge.

Some basic things are vitally important for outdoors life survival. Without them, the preparation will be futile. Plan for the worst. In that way, you will be properly armed with your gear. 

2.1 Bottles of Water Purification Tablets

Water Purification Tablets, as the name suggests, help in purifying water that may be contaminated by bacteria and viruses. Apart from acting as a purifier, it can also act as a cleansing agent in times of need. 

You can buy Water Purification Tablets at any physical or online store. Buying in bulk is generally a lot cheaper.

Clean vs Dirty water
Purified Water

2.2 Foods

Food will not only keep you alive, but it will also keep you active and energetic for the rigors of the wilderness.

You can carry dried and packed meats with you on the journey. Also, don’t forget to carry multivitamins and energy bars to avoid any deficiencies.  

2.3 Shelter

A proper shelter is essential to protect yourself from the elements and hostile environment. It will also protect you from animals, insects, snow, rain, heat, etc. The two types of shelters below can provide you with the protection you need and are easy to carry.

  • Waterproof survival tarp: shields you from harsh weather conditions and can assure a good night’s sleep
  • Bivy Sack: It is another form of shelter and resembles tents. It is better to carry Bivy sacks that are completely covered to enhance security. 
Shelter is utmost important for survival
Shelter is utmost important for survival

2.4 Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays protect you from the attacks of wild animals. To get released from the clutches of wild animals, pepper spray is beneficial.  

2.5 Fishing Kit

Fishing, in and of itself, is a fun activity. However, it can also be a life saver and a source of food in a pinch.

Carry the best fishing gear you can find along the trip. Fishing kits can be purchased from local stores or online. An ideal fishing kit must contain baits, hooks, fishing rod, and catfish bait. 

2.6 Survival Whistle

Survival whistles transmit signals for help during times of danger. The universal symbol for distress calls is three blows from a whistle. Therefore, a whistle is an important outdoors life survival item. 

2.7 Duct Tape

Duct tape is a strong cloth-backed waterproof adhesive tape. It is a must-have for any prepper and survivalist because it is multipurpose and versatile.

Duct tape can mend almost everything, except for broken hearts.

Duct tape
Duct tape mends everything

3. Outdoors Life Survival Gear

3.1 A Cooking Pot

 A pot helps you to cook and store cooking ingredients. With the help of a pot, you can also boil water from lakes or streams to avoid bacterial or parasitic worm infestation.

3.2 Saw

 Saw helps in cutting wood to build a shelter or to start a fire. Often, the forest paths get blocked by the fallen logs of wood. In such cases, a saw comes in handy.

3.3 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping directly on the floor of your tent can be very uncomfortable. Additionally, proper sleep is necessary to stay away from sickness and to recover your energy and from injuries.

A sleeping bag also traps the heat between your body and the ground. That’s why it is vitally crucial if you’re in a cold place. Besides, a little bit of comfort in a hostile environment makes you feel good.

3.4 GillNet

Gillnet helps in catching fishes easily. Gillnet hangs in the water column and is designed to permit the fish to enter only its head. As a result, the gills get trapped in the net, and thus the fish gets caught. 

If your backpack lacks space to accommodate the fishing gear, carrying a gill net is a good idea.

3.5 Water Purifier

Water is synonymous with life. If your bottles of water get exhausted, don’t worry. Collect water from any stream or lake and purify it with the water purifier. You may also carry purification tablets to ease the process of water purification. 

It is always advisable to boil the water even after you purify it. This eliminates any pathogens that may remain after filtration.

3.6 Portable Lighters

Often, starting a fire becomes a tedious process. Tinder is not easy to ignite.

In this case, using a portable lighter helps you stay worry-free. Besides, these are very easy to use and occupy too little space in your backpack. 

3.7 Survival Hatchet

A hatchet is tremendously helpful while camping. You can easily construct shelters with their help.

 Building a makeshift shelter using woods can be done very easily using a hatchet.

3.8 Compass

Compass ensures that you are moving in the correct direction.

Even if you get lost, a compass aids you to trace the correct directions to the place of destination. 

3.9 Burner Stoves

Burner stoves help you to cook meals easily and quickly. Cooking by lighting tinder will eat away a lot of your precious time. 

3.10 Paracord Survival Chords

Paracord survival chords helps to secure shelter and set hunting traps.

3.11 First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is THE most important item. Pack it in your backpack now!

Acquaint yourself with the basic ways of administering first aid to prevent the injury from worsening further. 

Cuts, abrasions, and sprains are common injuries among survivalists. You need not worry as they are curable if you treat the victim immediately and follow all the correct steps of treatment. 

First Aid Kit
The most essential part of the gear – First Aid Kit

3.12 Crampons/Ice Cleats

If you intend to go mountaineering, rock-climbing, and trekking in snow, you’ll need crampons

 Crampons are toothed metal devices attached to the sole of the boots to increase the friction and your grip over snow while walking on the snow-covered areas. 

Crampons have bigger spikes, while ice-cleats have smaller ones.

In general, ice cleats are more than sufficient for regular use. However, in mountainous areas, crampons shall be your go-to choice.

Ice cleats
Ice cleats

3.13 Ice Axe

Carrying an ice axe helps you in ascending and descending the hills that are fraught with ice and snow. If your destination is a hilly area, you’ll need the help of an ice axe.  

3.14 Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets are a must to keep yourself warm in chilly weather.

These help in preventing hypothermia and insulates your body by not allowing the heat to escape outside.

3.15 Bandana

Bandana helps protect your face from dust. Bandana can also be used as a temporary slings in case of an injury.

Bandana is multi-purpose

3.16 Flashlight

Carrying a flashlight illuminates your shelter. It can also help you move safely across the wilderness at night, or where there is insufficient natural light.

Please do remember to always keep a spare.

3.17 Knife

A knife is a multipurpose tool. It can be used for wood-cutting, to make a shelter, and for hunting.

3.18 Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket keeps you dry in the wet surroundings. It will also protect your clothes from getting soiled and dirty. 

Especially in wetlands that are prone to heavy rains. Having a waterproof jacket protects you from getting drenched in the rain.

3.19 Waterproof Gaiters

Climbers and hikers wear waterproof gaiters to prevent mud from entering from the top of their boots.

Wearing waterproof gaiters also prevents the entry of mosquitoes or other insects inside your shoes. These gaiters have contractive rope and shoelace metal hook for adjustment and firm bundling.

These gaiters are especially useful in marshy terrains and tropical weather.

waterproof gaiters
waterproof gaiters

3.20 Waterproof Boots

Wearing waterproof boots let you cross puddles and streams easily, without getting wet.

4. 72-Hour Beginner Prepper Kit

A 72-hour beginner prepper kit helps to sustain an individual for 72 hours in time of emergencies. It contains food, medicine, water, a first-aid kit, multi-purpose tools such as knives among others. The list of contents for a 72-hour survival kit is as follows:

  • A first-aid kit is necessary to treat any wounds and preventing them from getting worse. Medical help may take time, thus first-aid becomes quintessential.
  • Pack water and food adequately. Intaking plenty of water and food keeps you energetic and active throughout the journey.
  • To ensure that you are moving in the correct direction, carry maps and compass along with you.
  • Sleeping bags and emergency blankets are an integral part of a 72-hour survival kit.
  • Bring fruits, canned meats, energy bars, and other energy drinks.
  • Carry medicines for common ailments such as common cold, cough, fever, diarrhea, stomach ache, etc.
  • If children are also present, pack colorful band-aids, scrapbooks, crayons, and diapers. 
  • Bring whistles and flashlights to transmit signals for help. 


Preparing for the journey is an integral part of outdoor trips. Taking measures to handle any mishap in advance is a wise step, rather than worrying about it later when struck by an unfortunate incident.

 If you are equipped with the best survival gear, you can handle most emergencies. Take time to pack your backpack. Make sure you’ve got the best survival gear before you set out for your journey!


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