How To Cook While Camping

Camping in itself is fun. But different experiences attached to it make it even more fun.

Cooking, for example, is one of the most fun activities you can do with your family and friends. However, if you are a beginner, it could be challenging.

You can do a few simple things to enhance your food and experience, regardless of whether you are cooking on a stove, barbeque, or campfire.

Simply put, carry some pre-cooked food or ready to cook meal packs, all the basic utensils, and cookware you may need for cooking, keep your meals simple, and learn some simple methods to prepare your meals.

Let us explore it in greater detail.

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1. Things To Follow Before You Head Out For Camping

There are a few things you can do to make your camping cooking much easier:

1.1 Meals Should Be Simple

When you go on a camping trip, you should remember that you are not in your kitchen or a restaurant. So do not expect different cuisines.

Instead, prepare a meal that is simple and easy to make. It is better to fill your stomach than stay hungry (fail while experimenting).

You do not need to experiment with your food, especially if you are a beginner or in wild camping spots.

Simple Food
Simple Meal

1.2 Carry Pre-Cooked Food

The camping situations can be challenging. You may have to deal with creeps, insects, setting the tents, or use your time on an adventure then preparing a 3-course meal.

That is where pre-cooked food and packaged ingredients come in handy.

Food items, such as cured meats, frozen foods, etc., do not spoil for hours, even when kept outside the refrigerator.

Furthermore, ready-to-make food packets have a decent shelf life. So you can enjoy food while camping without actually preparing the food.

1.3 Carry Prepared Ingredients For The Food

Saving time during cooking while camping can be a lifesaver. Carry chopped ingredients, store them in cooling containers, and pack them properly.

After deciding on the spot, set up your tent, and you have all the ingredients ready. You only have to mix and eat.

This way, the food can be prepared using minimal cooking gear.

1.4 Carrying Cooler Storage

Using cooler storage tanks efficiently during your camping trips will be a lifesaver.

You can always experiment with carrying different storage coolers.

Many coolers in the market these days have either a battery or can work on electricity available through solar or a car battery.

However, if you have a traditional cooler, you can pack frozen water bottles or keep ice bags in it to increase the duration of cooler storage for a longer time.

2. Essential Parts Of Cooking Food While Camping

When you go camping, carry enough gear, especially the cookware. Cooking is all about three things:

  • Fire
  • Food
  • Utensils

So let us discuss everything you need to carry and keep in mind while going out camping.

2.1 Fire

Fire is the most important for cooking food. While camping, you can choose open flame, coals, or a portable stove. Any of them would work to cook your food.

But, setting up a cooking fire while camping is not that easy. Different outdoor conditions such as weather, wind, or lack of wood to light the fire can affect your fire.

So be very careful in carrying stuff as you will not find anything in that wild area.

Always be prepared for the worst conditions and carry a small stove if it rains. The camping stoves are not very difficult to bring and can be a lifesaver.

The only limitation of stoves is the limited fuel. Also, do not forget to carry matchsticks or spare lighters.

2.2 Food

You can not carry everything, especially when you are backpacking. But you can bring basic food materials and enjoy your camp side food.

Do not always depend on cooking the food on the spot. Remember to carry pre-prepared, packaged, or frozen food. They will help you stay satiated under any given condition.

To enjoy better variety, you can carry a storage cooler. Coolers are also advantageous if you want to bring perishables.

You can also get cool water while camping or trekking if you have a cooler.

Consider carrying basic food materials such as pasta, noodles, and dried meals that you can cook on the go.

If you are cooking on the spot, do not forget to be prepared for the food in advance.

Hence carry already chopped stuff so that you waste no time and can enjoy a meal of your choice.

2.3 Cookware

By the type of camping you choose, you can decide to carry heavy cookware, a cooking grill, a stove, etc. In case you are traveling by car you can bring much more.

But still, it is impossible to carry everything. Here is a list of some items that every outdoor cooking should have:

2.3.1 Pan

Pan is essential cookware for camping and cooking food outdoors. You can use it for cooking veggies, eggs, noodles, meats, etc.

Food For 3 Days Of Camping
Eggs In Pan

2.3.2 Pie Iron

If you love grilled food items, then do not forget to carry an iron grill to enjoy the perfect grilled meal.

2.3.3 Oven

The oven can be a great cooking companion on a camping trip. You can use it for cooking several meals.

2.3.4 Other Things

  • Aluminum foil
  • Matchbox
  • Lighting fuel
  • Spatulas
  • Plates
  • Portable kitchen kit

3. Cooking Methods

There are some very convenient cooking methods that you can use while camping outdoors. Below are some of them:

3.1 Camp Stove

Stoves are easy to use and do not need overly complicated explanations. Most portable stoves operate on white gas or propane.

There’s also the option of using the cheap kerosene oil and the light butane burner stoves that are easy to carry in a backpack.

But, always stay cautious while using the stoves. Do not use a cookstove in an unrestricted area or near the bonfire. Only use it in the open, away from any heat source.

3.2 Firewood

Woodfire is a popular way of cooking while camping. Laying the cookware on the hot coal should be enough, If you intend to embroil or fry.

Using fire, of course, requires caution. There should be no moisture in the wood. And if you collect wood, place them away from the lighted fire to avoid any mishap.

Use only dry wood, not moist. You will not get the proper cooking fire otherwise.

To get a good, continuous fire, you need:

  • Tinder, which is generally dry and lights up easily.
  • Inch-long sticks known as Kindling rods.
  • Big wooden logs or blocks that burn for a prolonged duration.
Food For 3 Days Of Camping
Firewood cooking


Cooking simple food is not that hard. But it is a lot of fun out in the open. The only thing that may bother some food lovers out there is the lack of choices you can have while camping.

However, simple food is nutritious and healthy. Once you get a hang of it, you will look forward to cooking outdoors.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is the gear and preparation before going out camping.

Once that is sorted correctly, cooking will be one of the enjoyable highlights of your camping trips.


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