How Much Does Glamping Cost And How To Reduce It

The glamping cost is very much subjective to what kind of experiences you are chasing after, apart from the standard services you are expecting.

Glamping is the comfortable experience of enjoying the great outdoors without compromising. And like all luxuries, there is no upper limit.

But that is not what we are going to talk about here. We will be looking at the cost on average for all the necessary things that make up glamping.

First off, some things are free. Some simple things such as waking up with a beautiful sunrise, campfire food, and exploring wild locations are free for every camp goer.

The difference comes in whether you choose to survive on a basic tent out in the wilderness or you go for a luxurious living in glamping pods and resorts.

While you can manage traditional camping in about a $500-2000 budget, glamping can cost you upwards of $3000 and go as high as $45,000.

Of course, you may not want to stop there. Some experiences that can make your glamping more luxurious and costly are three-course meals, personal chefs and helps, massages, a hot tub, a sauna, natural therapies, etc.

Alright. Let’s look at various ways of glamping and how much it may cost you.

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1. Cost For A Night In A Glamping Tent

The price of a glamping tent might sound a bit expensive at first. However, it is not just about accommodation, but the complete experience. The total glamping cost will depend on certain factors, such as:

  • Amount of privacy you are going to get
  • The specialty of the location, such as the view, etc. The more scenic your view is, the more you may have to pay
  • The season you are camping in. The glamping tents that cost around $1000 in the offseason may cost about $1500 in peak-season
  • What other benefits are you getting
Glamping Cost
Glamping Cost

2. Accommodation Cost

Glamping accommodation has a variety of costs depending on the type of experience you want to enjoy.

If you plan to stay in glamping pods, this may cost about $250 to $600. It depends on the quality and area of the pod you choose.

The higher-end tents with different facilities cost much are also more popular. These glamping pods generally come fully furnished, leaving no extra burden on you. 

2.1 Cost Of A Glamping Kit

Again the cost of the glamping kit depends on your needs and luxury.

If you are a beginner to glamping, you can invest in buying just the bare minimum items such as a cooking kit, first aid kit, insulations, etc. 

2.2 Cost Of Other Services

Do you want to experience a cordial welcome with served marshmallows and a full welcome pack?

All these things will cost you a bit more. But not every glamper is looking for such experiences.

Some more expensive sites do not provide you with additional services such as a welcome pack etc., and only let you enjoy the glamping pods.

Glampers expect to experience a different feel and unique experience.

2.3 Cost Of A Glamping Dome

Glamping domes are the best option for a relaxing trip. They provide you with a comfortable and homely environment and are close to nature.

  • The glamping domes are on a bit expensive side. They set you back about $3000. And the cost goes even higher if they include other amenities and additional facilities.
  • The glamping domes are luxurious and glamourous at the same time. 
  • You can also get glamping domes for rent. You can rent them with your family, friends or as a couple.
  • The domes are costly because they are very appealing in their shape and durability.

There are certain factors you should keep in mind before choosing a glamping dome:

  • The dome should be spacious and high enough.
  • Have enough windows.
  • Be placed in such a way that there is enough sunlight.
  • It should be in a safe place.
Glamping in a Dome
Glamping in a Dome

3. Cost Depends On The Time You Are Going For Glamping

The cost of your trip depends on the time of the year you are going for glamping. 

So if you are planning to go on a glamping trip during major holidays or school vacations, it will be a bit costly.

Similarly, it is less popular if you plan to go in the winter. Hence, less expensive.

The days of the week also affect the cost of the trip. Friday and Saturday nights are the most preferred days and hence are expensive. Mid-week days are comparatively cheaper.

3.1 Cost Depends On The Type Of The Glamping Trip

The cost depends on the structure of your glamping trip if you have some specific preferences about the type of glamping tent, safari tents, or glamping pods you want to stay in, it will cost you more for a night.

The cost will also depend on the duration of your stay. Usually, glampers plan for two nights. But if you stay longer, you will have to pay extra.

4. How You Can Save Money On Your Glamping Trip

Whether you prefer to go on a traditional camping or luxurious glamping trip, there are some common ways by which you can cut the expenses. A few of them are listed below;

  • Borrow or rent the glamping gear or buy them second-hand.
  • Buy a shared tent and share large items with your friends.
  • Check the items you need during the trip carefully. You do not require a lot of things for glamping that you may need on a regular camping trip.
  • Carry packed food items. They can be cooked instantly on the campfire. After all, having campfire food is the charm of such outdoor trips
  • Ask for discounts


Before going on any outdoor trip, one of the essential components to keep in mind is the expenses. Glamping can be expensive, and adding more activities may stack up quickly.

If you know the prices, you may be able to plan more adventures. If you know where you can cut costs, your buck may travel farther.


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