How Do You Go Glamping On A Budget

The difference between camping and glamping is the experiences and products. If you have a few things required to emulate your lifestyle, you can recreate the glamping experience. 

To go glamping on a budget:

  • Use what you already have
  • Invest in low-costing but high-impact things
  • Carry budget-friendly glamping equipment

Let’s dive in. 

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1. Using Things You Already Have

Many things in our house are not expensive but make us feel comfortable. 

1.1 Blankets

Soft and warm blankets make you feel comfortable. One more thing which is not very expensive and is available in your home is pillows.

An extra pillow is always helpful to relax your head after a long hectic day. 

Using Things You Already Have
Using Things You Already Have

1.2 Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important things when you are outdoors. All of your plans can go belly up without it.

For good sleep, you need a comfortable bed or a mattress. Carrying your home mattress is an option.

Familiarity with it will make you fall asleep fast and deep. If that is not possible, you can opt for a double inflating thick air mattress.  

1.3 Air Freshener

Fragrances drastically improve the ambiance. A simple air freshener can do the job.

However, it may not last long, or the fragrance may not spread far.

Diffusers and scented candles are good options in this regard.

1.4 Decorations

Decorating the place with beautiful vibrant colors improves the aesthetics of your surrounding.

Some decorative showpieces, rugs, and flowers can dramatically enhance your environment.  

2. Invest In Low-Costing But High-Impact Things

Some expenditures will have the biggest bang for the buck. 

Knowing where to spend the money effectively will help you go on affordable glamping. Clothes, food, and shelter are necessities and should be prioritized. 

2.1 Comfortable Tent

Spending on a place to rest is vitally important. Some people prefer to spend on a comfortable tent, rather than hiring a cabin.

You can pay for a spacious and waterproof tent with comfortable flooring.

Making Your Accommodations Luxurious
Invest In Low-Costing But High-Impact Things

2.2 Yurts

Spending on a yurt is another good option. Yurts are spacious and comfortable, and people generally have a good experience with yurts.

Later, you can use the same yurt for small outings or picnics.

2.3 Food

Another necessity is food. Opt for good quality local foods for budget-friendly glamping.

You can also carry packed food items such as soups, juices, or frozen foods.

2.4 Food Storage

It is prudent to spend on food storage. Spoiled food can make you sick, and food spoils fast without a refrigerator.

You can carry air-tight containers or storage coolers for your meat and other perishable food items. 

2.5 Other Outdoor Enhancements

  • Portable toilet
  • Portable heater
  • Portable shower

3. Budget-Friendly Glamping Products

We only need things that are not expensive but are helpful when you are outdoors. Here are some of the items you can pack for your affordable glamping. 

3.1 Inflatable Bathtubs

Carrying the inflatable bathtubs can be an essential item if you like showers and staying fresh.

These inflatable bathtubs are portable and come in different sizes online, and you can choose according to your need. 

3.2 Heaters

Many people prefer glamping in the cold or cozy weather. Heaters are your best friend in that weather.

The two most popular choices for heaters are propane and electric.

Both have their pros and cons. However, both are portable, lightweight, and generally safe.  

Budget-Friendly Glamping Products
Budget-Friendly Glamping Products

4. Other Affordable Glamping Tips

4.1 Stay Close To Home

The farther you go away from home, the more expensive it will be.

If you plan to set up a glamping tent near your house in any local place, this will save your money.

4.2 Cooking Your Food

Cooking your food is the best option as camping food need not be very creative. Packed food items, soups, sandwiches, etc., are easy to cook.

This way, you will save money on fancy food items.

The Bottom Line

Recreating some of the glamping experiences need not be expensive.

If you have carrying capacity, you can bring some nifty stuff to make your camping comfortable, if not glamorous.

Another addition, that we have skipped in this list is lighting. It has a big impact on the aesthetics of your camp and can make it look glamorous.

Happy Camping!

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