How Do I Stop Being Scared Of Camping

Some people suffer from camping fears and phobias, especially going outdoors and staying away from home. 

Camping fear is known as Arkoudaphobia. But there are other fears also which are related to camping:

  • Loneliness
  • Scared of creepy crawlies and insects
  • Staying away from civilization
  • Boredom 
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Lack of hygiene 
  • Wilderness

Fears and phobias have two parts, logical and emotional. 

The first part is easy to handle by informing yourself. 

If you know more about the thing you are scared of, you will be less intimidated by it. 

You have to learn to convince your mind of irrational fears for the emotional part.

Let us discuss the common reasons that make you scared of going on a camping trip and how to solve them. 

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1. When You Can’t Sleep

Some people are exceptionally light sleepers. Furthermore, they also find it difficult to sleep in an alien environment. 

Additionally, there may have been prior camping experiences that may make you scared of getting proper sleep. 

Sleeping comfortably while camping can be a big challenge, especially while staying in a tent. And there can be different reasons for that.

Bad weather is one of them. To deal with the cold, you can choose to carry:

  • Proper insulation to keep yourself warm
  • Get warmer sleeping bags. Always get a sleeping bag that can survive 5-10 degrees less temperature than you expect at the camping site.
  • Use a portable heater to warm the tent
  • For good sleep, use comfortable sleeping pads and air mattresses
  • Comfortable pillows 

In hot weather, you can carry a portable fan. Make sure to reduce the insulating cloths in your tent. 

If you have difficulty sleeping because of an unfamiliar environment, you can listen to music, count sheep, read a good book, or meditate to relax into sleep. 

When You Can't Sleep During Camping
When You Can’t Sleep During Camping

2. When You Are Scared Of Bugs And Insects

Insects and bugs can make your camping uncomfortable and be the reason for not steeping outside on a camping trip. 

In such situations, insect repellents are the first option. 

  • Bug sprays
  • Repellent creams
  • Mosquito nets can be some of the choices. 
  • Using scents is also an excellent way to keep insects and bugs away. They release metofluthrin or citronella, which keep insects away from the place. 
  • Campfire smoke also keeps out the bugs
  • Use the tents that come with shields and nets attached.

All these tips will help you to stay protected from bugs and insects. It will also bring peace to your mind and alleviate your fears. 

3. Lack Of Hygiene

Another common reason people are scared of camping is that they don’t get proper hygienic conditions there. 

Due to logistical reasons, some campsites may not have the proper facilities that you may find in your home. Some may even have shared facilities that may put off some folks. 

Some may even lack the shower area. 

  • One of the best options to overcome this problem is to go for a campsite that has a proper shower setup and good hygienic conditions. 
  • Carrying your shower: There are various portable showers available on the market. Solar-powered ones are one of the best options among them.

Carry all the cleaning and hygienic items such as sanitizers, toilet sprays, toilet seat covers, etc. It will reduce your fears to a manageable level.

4. When You Are Scared To Get Bored

This one also afflicts me. Our gadgets, social structure, and work environment have made it so that we are constantly busy. 

Ideally, we should switch everything off and take a break while camping. But it is not possible for many of us. We need an activity. 

Here are some of the things that you can do to alleviate boredom: 

  • Reading good books
  • Painting and crafts
  • Sports like badminton, volleyball
  • Playing Board games
  • Doing activities like hiking, cycling, climbing, etc.
  • Boating or canoeing
  • Exploring the wildlife
  • Campfire storytelling, dancing, karaoke, etc.
  • Walk on a nature trail with friends and family
  • Yoga 

These are just a few when it comes to camping activities. But you get the idea. 

When You Are Scared To Get Bored
When You Are Scared To Get Bored

5. When You Are Scared Of Wildlife

Camping can be a wild experience, and there can be wild animals in some dangerous areas. 

At most campsites, these wild animals do not come because animals equally want to stay away from humans as we want to stay away from them. 

But still, if you are in a place where there can be some bears or mountain lions, use the following tips;

  • Try to be close to the main area
  • Do not leave your food or anything with a strong smell unsecured, as this can attract animals
  • Read the guidelines of the place and stay away from animal areas
  • As far as being safe from bears is concerned, avoiding them as much as you can is the best option
  • Some places may also have snakes, so be aware of the rattling sounds and avoid the rocky areas.

6. Fear Of Cooking Hassle

Food is fundamental to our survival, and it can send bouts of anxiety to some people. 

Cooking can be a hassle. Because you have to bring so many cooking tools, cooking food on a campfire is not everyone’s cup of tea. Chopping, cooking, and cleaning utensils are a headache for many people. 

Now the solution to this problem is simple:

  • Divide your work if you are camping in a group
  • Opt to eat simple food that you can cook over a camping stove or a campfire. When you go on a camping trip, you do not have the luxuries of your kitchen or restaurant.
    So do not expect different cuisines. Instead, prepare a meal that is simple and easy to make.
  • Carry pre-cooked meals. Food items such as cured meats, frozen foods, etc. do not spoil for hours even when kept outside the refrigerator.
    So you can enjoy food while camping without actually preparing the food. 
  • If you are camping for a short duration, you can carry pre-cut veggies and other food items. It will save you a lot of work and headaches while cooking them. 
  • Cooking is all about three things – Fire, food, and utensils. If you have these figured out, you will be able to make something edible for yourself. 

7. When You Are Scared Of The Hassle Involved

Camping comes with planning and doing several things. 

  • Packing the essentials, 
  • Traveling 
  • Setting the tent
  • Arranging everything at the campsite

These things make people feel already tired of going on camping.

The problem is that we look at all these steps together. When put together, they do look overwhelming. 

The solution is to break them into steps or bite-sized blocks. This way, you only have to focus on the next thing you have to do. 

Packing will also simplify if you break it into parts. Assess all the things you will need, and make a list out of it to alleviate your worries of forgetting something.

The rest of the things are planning problems. When you plan them properly, you will reduce your anxiety for the most part. 

The actual work will still remain, but it will be much easier to manage with proper planning. 

8. When You Are Scared Of Expenses

When you are a beginner at camping, you probably need to buy everything related to camping. Buying everything can be daunting. To solve this problem, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Plan a day short camping trip
  • Pick destination nearby
  • Camp in free places
  • Carry pre-cooked food from home
  • Use second-hand camping gears or borrow things
  • Keep check of when camping gears are on sale


There you have it. Basically, there are many things in camping that can scare a person. If you can root them out, your fear will go away. 

Most of the problems can be solved by some precautions and planning.

However, the only thing we did not discuss in this article is irrational fears. They do not have any basis and can only be cured by phycological conditioning. 

But those are rare. 

In most cases, if you solve the thing that scares you, your fear of camping will go away. 

Happy camping!


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