How Can You Go Camping More Regularly

I get it. You got the camping bug.

But time, money, and other commitments are holding you back from frequently camping.

Let us discuss a few problems and workarounds that will help you go camping more regularly:

  • Plan properly
  • Try the local campsites
  • Join a local club or group
  • Manage the expenses
  • Check your checklist

Let us look at each of them closely. 

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1. Planning Time And Trips

Most people have designed their lifestyle such that their houses and businesses will crumble if they step out for a couple of days. 

The first step to freeing yourself is to delete, delegate, and defer your duties. 

Delete some of the things from your daily routine that is not necessary. 

Delegate some tasks that are not super important. 

Defer things to do later, if possible. 

The next step is to plan your trip. 

Lock the date of travel. Schedule your camping trip three months in advance. It will give you enough time to prepare, practice, and plan things. 

Planning Time and Trip
Planning Time and Trip

2. Try Local Campsites

You cannot go out on a camping trip instantly. If you suddenly get a day or two off from work and want to relax, you will not have time to plan, pack, travel, and decide the whole trip. 

To combat this issue, try local sites. Invest some time to find a few great camping locations close to your place and where you can head to whenever you wish. 

For a short and sudden camping trip, this is a good option. You may know some hidden or not so hidden beautiful locations nearby. 

Keeping a few go-to camping sites will ensure that you visit camping more often and spend more relaxing nights in the beauty of nature. 

3. Have A Checklist To Work With

Preparing and following a proper checklist for the camping trip reduces your work and hassle. It will allow you to travel more regularly. 

When you have a list of items you frequently need, you can go for sudden camping trips. 

It hardly takes 30 minutes to create an exhaustive checklist via the internet.

This inventory or a checklist will help you every time you go camping. 

In addition to that, you can pre-pack regular camping stuff (next point)

4. Pre-Pack Regular Camping Stuff

Keep the regular camping stuff pre-packed. This way, you do not have to waste time and energy packing them repeatedly. 

Camping is considered a bit of a wild sport. It is not about looking good or wearing different brands.

So nobody cares about how you look, so you can keep your camping clothes bag pre-packed. So it is ready for whenever you wish to leave for camping.

Items such as raincoats, rain covers, insulation sheets, and sleeping pads are items that you will surely need during every camping trip. Packing them beforehand will save you time.

Carry packed or tinned food items. These items have a prolonged expiry date. 

Pre-Pack Regular Camping Stuff
Pre-Pack Regular Camping Stuff

5. Join A Local Club Or A Group

Living a particular type of lifestyle is everyone’s personal choice. 

The best way to overcome the hurdle of going camping is to make it part of your lifestyle. 

Find a local club that can make the fun outdoor adventure a part of your lifestyle.

These clubs plan camping trips to add more enjoyment and fun to your life and offer other activities such as; dirt biking, bushwalking, etc. 

Another benefit of joining such clubs is finding the company of like-minded people. If you have a decent group, you can plan excursions of your own. 

6. Managing The Expenses

One of the issues people face while going on camping is expenses. Camping can get expensive with fuel, food, camp fees, camping gear, etc. 

But there are ways by which you can cut the cost of such expenses and hence your whole camping trip:

  • Plan a short camping trip
  • Pick destination nearby
  • Camp in free places
  • Carry pre-cooked food from home
  • Use second-hand camping gear


Regularly going on camping trips boils down to two issues. 

  1. Managing time
  2. Cutting expense

Both of them are manageable problems with a little bit of planning. 

Happy Camping!


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