Essential Gear For Hunting

You have to be smart while packing your bag as your survival depends on what is in your backpack. Anything that you carry will increase the weight especially when you’ll be hiking for hours in an elevated land. Therefore, it is crucial to make wise choices about the stuff that you carry with you.

Your hunting backpack will keep evolving but there are some important things that remain unchanged. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with the essential gear you will need in your hunting expedition.

Also, while preparing for your hunt, purchase these things:

  • Hunting license
  • The bow that you will use
  • Permission from the land owner

And be aware of the hunting regulations of the area, you are planning to hunt. Otherwise you may land into trouble even before your first hunt.

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1. Camouflage Gear For Hunting

Camouflage gear generally use non-vibrant material that helps you in blending with the background. Camouflaging is usually used by hunters, photographers and snipers or anyone who wants to stay hidden from nature’s keenest eyes.

1.1 Camouflage Head Net

This is important when you are hunting with bow and arrows as the animals can be close to you in the process and will recognize your face.

1.2 Camouflage Gloves and Clothing

Get a good pair of comfortable and good quality gloves and clothing. Gloves should be flexible enough to make your hands function properly. Practice with gloves and clothing once or twice beforehand to avoid any unwelcome surprises on the field.


Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves

DecoyPro Camo Gloves Hunting

2. Clothes For Bowhunting

Clothing also can affect your ability to perform safely and responsibly. Select clothing based on the weather you expect while being prepared for the worst.

As mentioned above you will require camouflage head net, gloves and clothing other than that you will need the following things:

2.1 In Warm Weather

  • A hat and light clothing: To protect the hunter from scorching heat and sunburn and clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible.

NEW VIEW Hunting Clothes

2.2 In Cold Weather

  • Layered clothing:  Wear layers of clothing, layer provide insulation and also if the weather warms up you can remove a layer at a time.

Guide Gear Insulated Hunting Coveralls

2.3 Socks

Socks keep your feet protected and dry, therefore it is important to have the good quality ones. Purchase the best quality socks that you can find. Wear socks according to the weather.

  • Don’t: Don’t buy cotton socks because Cotton is out dated when it comes to high activity performance wear. It absorbs too much moisture, takes long to dry, can’t regulate temperature, and it’s heavy. 
  • Do’s: Socks material that you can use are merino wool, polyester, nylon, Spandex, Elastane, & Lycra. These materials are good for a sock, and the socks will have different percentages of each of these materials.


DG Hill Merino Wool Thermal Socks

3. Hunting Shoes and Boots

Boots are one of the most vital things that you need for hunting. A good quality, light weight and flexible boots are essential from the safety perspective and will enhance your overall hunting experience. Purchase the best possible boots that you can find because they will enable your movement in and around the woods.

  • Qualities of a perfect hunting boots: It should have good fit, excellent insulation for icy forest, flexible, light weight and durable so that it did not break during the hunting game. Boots are highly subjective to the terrain and weather conditions you are hunting in.

3.1 For Winters


3.2 For Summers


Salomon Backpacking Boots

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Boot


XPETI Dimo Waterproof Hiking Boot

XPETI Thermator Waterproof Trail Outdoor Boot

3.3 For Wet Terrains/Marshes


Hisea Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

LaCrosse Alphaburly Hunting Boot


LaCrosse Alphaburly 1600G Hunting Boot

HISEA Insulated Hunting Boots

4. Accessories For Bow Hunting With A Tree Stand

There is nothing like the satisfaction of setting up a perfect hidden tree stand before the hunting season starts. Following are the essential requirements that you might need while setting up the stand:

4.1 Seat Cushion


Hunt Comfort Premium Seat Cushion

4.2 Water Proof Seat Cover


Muddy Treestands Waterproof Seat Cover

Slump Cover – Tree Stand Seat Rain Snow Cover

4.3 Screw in Single Hook


20 Pack Ceiling Hooks Cup Hooks

4.4 Multi Hook Strap-on Holder


Acenilen Hanging Rope with Hooks

LeBeila D Clip Carabiner Keychain

4.5 Lumbar Support


BIG GAME Spring-Back Lumbar Support Seat

Ameristep Easyback Lumbar Support Backrest

4.6 Universal Platform Bow Holder


Realtree Outfitters Multi-Purpose EZ Hanger

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

5. Bow Hunting Backpack

Picking a backpack according to your needs can be confusing, intimidating, and very frustrating. An ideal backpack should be able to carry all your hunting gear comfortably. And being able to access all your gear easily when needed is a must for many hunters. It should be of good quality so as to carry the load of the things and manage the extreme weather conditions.

  • Qualities of a perfect hunting backpack: It should be comfortable to carry, correct volume (your needs will determine the correct volume you require), and durable.


ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with Built-in Meat Hauler

6. Bow Hunting Checklist

When you start with your packing have a check list so that you don’t forget anything vital for your trip.

Write down the things that you think you will need at your hunting journey. You can also refer to the internet for the same. On the day of packing check your list with the things you have placed in your bag. This will ensure that you have kept all the essentials in your bag.

7. Bow Hunting Jackets

Hunting jackets are not just an apparel or piece of clothing but it has many functions. Hunting jackets are subject to the terrain/type of hunting, and weather conditions you will be hunting in. A hunting jacket which is going to be used for active hunts where you will be moving about a lot has to meet special requirements.

  • Qualities of an ideal hunting jacket: It should be made up of breathable material; waterproof, windproof, and warm. Depending on the purpose, it may have camouflage print, or may be orange in color.

SITKA Men’s Insulated Hunting Jacket

ScentLok Hunting Insulated Fleece Jacket

ReFire Gear Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Jacket


DSG Outerwear Women’s Addie Hunting Jacket

DSG Outerwear Women’s Kylie Hunting Jackets

MOERDENG Waterproof Jacket

HABIT Women’s Townsend Jacket

8. Bowhunting Quivers

A bowhunting quiver is used for holding and carrying the arrows, bolts, darts, or javelins. It can be attached to the hunter’s body, or the ground, depending on the type of shooting and the archer’s personal preference.


Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver

TRUGLO TUFF-LOC Compact Quiver

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver

Kwikee Kwiver – 4 Arrow Bow Quiver


KRATARC Archery Back Arrows Quiver

TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver

Krayney Back Arrow Quiver

XTACER 3 Tube Hip Quiver

XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Quiver

9. Flashlight + Headlamp

When you are trying to hunt for a nocturnal animal like deer, feral hogs and coyotes then you will require a flash light or a head lamp. This can optimize your hunting and tracking process. It helps to:

  • To locate hunting posts and read maps in dark
  • To easily track animals
  • To make other aware of your presence
  • To safely handle weapons
  • To remove an animal from the woods

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight


Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp

Vont ‘Spark’ LED Headlamp Flashlight (2 PACK)

10. First Aid Kit

There’s no doubt that bowhunting can be dangerous for a lot of reasons. Taking necessary precautionary measures will reduce the danger.

Keep the following things in mind before buying a first aid kit.

  • Carry a certified first-aid/CPR course
  • Make sure it has everything for any contingency
  • It may include mosquito repellents, sunscreens and other protective creams/gels for the environment you are hunting in
  • Verify that it has ingredients for different types of injury including bleeding, fracture, sprain or burn
  • Carry a signal that will inform your companions if you get injured and are unable to move

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit, 241Pcs

Protect Life First Aid Kit – 100 Piece

11. Water

You need water to survive, keep a water bottle and keep refilling it wherever you find a water source. And also you can try to look for animals near water bodies, but many animals can go many days without drinking water because they get water from what they eat.

  • Keep a stainless steal water bottle
  • And a compact water filter

Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle, 32 oz


Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

12. Scent Killer

Many animals recognize the odors of a human body and quickly associate it with danger. Therefore, managing the scent becomes vital while hunting.

Scent eliminators or scent killer sprays are designed to block or minimize your body odor. Scent control is important because animals have a very keen sense of smell. If hunters (especially archers hunting from a stand) intend to get close, they must reduce some human odor.


Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit | 10 Piece Scent Elimination Value Pack

Scent Killer Super Charged Spray, 48 oz.

13. Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a device which emits a beam of laser on your target and calculated the accurate distance between you and the target. A rangefinder is used for the following benefits:

  • Eliminates guesswork by accurately helping you measure the distance between you and the target
  • Helps you accurately set your equipment to take most advantageous shot at your target

For more information: What Are The Best Rangefinders For Bow Hunting?

14. Binoculars

Binoculars looks like an insignificant gear and people tend to forget it, but experienced hunter will know the important role that this supporting equipment play in the whole hunting experience. It is important because you may not have best eye sight in different weather conditions or terrains.

Unless you are an experienced hunter you can miss a ton of opportunities without a good pair of binoculars. Following are the benefits of a good binocular:

  • Binocular gives you the privilege to over preys from a distance that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do it with bare eyes
  • Higher clarification as compared to rifle scopes
  • Helps in calculating distance
  • Gives clarity before making the shot

Adorrgon 12×42 Powerful Binoculars with Clear Weak Light Vision

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Binoculars

15. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a compact folding knife with one or more blades that swivel inside its handle. It easily fits into the pocket, it is your go-to tool and it should be sharp and handily available at all times.

Some advantages of having a pocket knife are:

  • Helps in survival in wild
  • Helps in cutting stuff
  • Doing wood work or DIY projects

Spring Assisted Pocket Folding Military Style Knife

Kershaw Folding Pocket Knife

16. Food/Rations

Avoid eating anything with meat scents such as beef jerky as the smell can scare off prey and also draw in predators. You can carry protein or grannula bar, fruits etc. Pack the food items in a packet that does not make sound while opening it.

17. Rain Gear

Rain can be an unpredictable factor you need to prepare for, especially if you are planning your hunting trip in rainy season.

There are many raingear options available in the market but make sure you consider the four factors, namely – waterproofness, breathability, quietness and packability when making your decision.

18. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is such a common thing, that it is very easy to forget about it. Toilet paper is a multi-purpose product, it can be used for many other things apart from hygiene.

19. Shelter/Tent

If you get stuck in the wild for any reason, you will have to build a shelter for yourself. Select a safe place to get started with, and remember to never build your shelter larger than that is required by the people who will using it


Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind

Ameristep Ground 2 Man Hunting Blind

Ameristep Caretaker Magnum Hunting Blind

RHINO Blinds R75 2 Person Hunting Ground Blind

20. Bug Repellent

This is another forgettable item. You’ll only forget bug repellent one time to realize how important it can actually be, especially when you’re getting swarmed by little critters in the damp weather.


Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent

Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller

Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent

Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent

21. Rope

There are many types of ropes available in the market, but as long as you have a sturdy one for hunting purposes, it will do. You may not foresee needing rope, however, situations always come up when you’ll wish you had packed some. And because there is really no substitute for rope in the wilderness, and it doesn’t weigh a lot or take up a lot of room, it’s a great thing to pack.


Hunters Specialties Reflective Treestand Rope 30ft

HME Products 25ft MAXX Hoisting Rope

Hunter Safety System Reflective Treestand Lifeline

Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman’s Climbing Strap

22. Duct Tape

This is another multipurpose and valuable item. A good camo duct tape can help you smoothen some rough surfaces, tie things together, fix some broken gear and parts, help in securing/repairing tree stands, duck blinds and shelters, repairing tents, fix, patch or seal any surface, and many more.


Gorilla High Visibility Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 35 yd

Gaffer Power Camouflage Tape 2 Inch X 25 Yards

23. Ziploc Bags

This is helpful in carrying scented items like drag rags or scent wicks. Placing them in zipper-seal bags can significantly combat the rest of your items soaking in the stink.

They are also good for collecting garbage. It is always a good practice to collect them and dispose them properly.


Glad Zipper Food Storage Freezer Bags – Gallon Size

Ziploc Reusable 2 Jumbo Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

24. GPS/Emergency Locator

Using the GPS can facilitate in finding easy or direct routes to your hunting spot or stand. Also, it makes it easier to mark new sign throughout the season. Use your GPS to take notes of what you see at different stand locations.


Garmin eTrex 22x, Rugged Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin in Reach Explorer+, Handheld Satellite Communicator with Topo Maps and GPS Navigation

Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger – Orange

Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator


These were the basic essential things that you might require in your back pack. You can add or subtract things according to you needs. Always keep safety in mind and have fun!!