21 Survival Life Hacks That May Save Your Life

Survival hacks and DIYs let you create a substitute for any survival item that you don’t possess at the moment. These survival life hacks that may save your life are quite creative and help to save your money, time, and space in your backpack.

Survival hack refers to the wise ways of creating devices as alternatives to the original survival items. These are clever tricks that can be made from commonly used materials or natural materials that are widely available. 

Correct knowledge of these survival life hacks may save your life, or can be beneficial in handling unfortunate incidents. 

This article will discuss the important survival life hacks that may save your life by describing the steps to do so. 

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1. Important Survival Life Hacks That May Save Your Life

Forests are a host of various dangerous elements, ranging from wild animals, accidents, natural calamities, poisonous insects, and snakes.

Some important survival life hacks that may save your life in the forests are described below.

1.1 Hack #1: Use Cloth Pellets to Start a Fire

Starting a fire in the wilderness may not be that easy. Many a time, a lighter does not cause proper ignition.

To cause the ignition, you can use clothe pellets or shreds of wool from your socks or other outfits. Place the pellets on the top of the tinder and then use the lighter.

The tinder produces a spark and ignites fast when you use the pellets. 

start a fire
Use Cloth Pellets to Start a Fire

1.2 Hack #2: Stuff Dry Foliage to Stay Warm

If you feel cold, there is an awesome hack that you can try to keep yourself warm.

Tie the ends of your shirt or tee-shirt, and then stuff dry foliage (dried leaves, small branches, grasses) inside the shirt. They will trap the heat, and you will no more feel cold!

Stuff Dry Foliage to Stay Warm

1.3 Hack #3: Use Cans to Make Burner Stoves

You can easily convert cans in such a way that these will start functioning as burner stoves.

To make this, take a can. With the use of a knife, cut its middle portion in the form of “I”. 

Stuff tinder inside the hollow part of the can. Light the tinder with a matchstick or a lighter.

Make a cup of coffee or tea on the can-turned-burner stoves easily. Enjoy the steaming beverages!

How to make an Arizona penny can alcohol stove

1.4 Hack #4: Use Bottles to Catch Fish

Fishing can be way too easy if you follow this creative hack! Take an empty large bottle (10 liters) or any other similar plastic container. Cut its upper part, including the lid, with a knife.

Invert the cut portion and place it in the hollow space of the remaining part in an inverted position. Make two small holes on either side of the bottle. Pass two long threads through these holes. 

Place baits (raw noodles or any other foods) inside the bottle through the open lid (the inverted part that was earlier placed inside the bottle).  

Throw the container in a pond or lake while keeping the threads in your hands. Just have a little patience, and there you are!

Drag the container back from the water when you can feel that a fish has got trapped in the container. 

Simple Fish Catching TRICK using Water Bottle | Bottle Fishing | fish feeding and fishing | catla.

1.5 Hack #5: Make a Water Filter Using a Bottle

If you lack a water filter, don’t worry! This hack will solve your problem easily.

Take an empty water bottle. Make two cuts on the lid of the bottle with a knife. Cut the bottle into two parts, keeping the lower part longer than the upper part. 

Make sure that the upper part includes the mouth of the bottle intact with its lid closed. Place the upper part in an inverted position inside the hollow space of the lower part. 

Place a piece of cloth on the inserted upper part inside the bottle. Above the piece of cloth, sprinkle some coal powder, and then place grass and stones on the top of the coal pieces. 

Pour dirty or muddy water into the bottle.

As the water will fall in the lower part of the bottle after passing through the layers of cloth, grass, and stones, you will notice that the filtered water will be absolutely clean and free of dirt. 

You can use this super easy trick to get water free of contaminants. 

DIY: Make Swamp Water Drinkable! King Of Random Dives Into How To Make A Homemade DIY Water Filter

1.6 Hack #6: Use Leaves to Repel Insects

Obviously, you will not want to get disturbed by insects while camping. Use this hack to deter insects from attacking you. 

Pluck the leaves of plants that have needle-like leaves. Pound these leaves and rub them on your outfit. 

Since pounded needles prevent insects, you will notice the absence of insects around you. 

Repel insects using pointy leaves
Use Leaves to Repel Insects

1.7 Hack #7: Use Noodles and Chips to Start a Fire

Starting a fire with the help of noodles is an easy process. 

Gather tinder at a place. On top of it, place the raw noodles. 

Burn the noodles with a matchstick. The burning noodles, in turn, will ignite the tinder, and your purpose will be served. 

Packets of potato chips that you use for snacks can also be used to start a fire. Chips are rich in fats, and lighting the chips will start a fire. 

Another way to start a fire is to smear petroleum jelly on pieces of cotton. Then, light it using a matchstick.

1.8 Hack #8: Dry Your Shoes Using Pebbles

Your shoes may get drenched in the rain or while crossing a stream. It will be uneasy for you to keep wearing those wet things! Use this super easy hack to dry your shoes quickly.

Take a container and place it on the burner stove. Pour water into the container and place some pebbles in the water. 

Take out the stones when the water starts boiling. Then place these pebbles inside the wet shoes. It will only take a few seconds for the shoe to dry up. 

1.9 Hack #9: Use Cloth Rolls to Make Toilet paper

Toilet papers are essential to maintain personal hygiene. This hack will let you know the super-easy way to make the toilet papers.

Take a container and cut out two hollows on its lid with a knife. Put cloth rolls/napkins inside the container. Project a little part of the cloth outside through the lid, and it is done.

 Take them out through the lid whenever you need them. 

Use Cloth Rolls to Make Toilet paper
Use Cloth Rolls to Make Toilet paper

1.10 Hack #10: Waterproof Your Shoes with Wax

Shoes can be made waterproof easily with the help of wax. Take a piece of wax or candle and rub it on the outer surface of the shoe, and it is done!

Making footwear waterproof is very easy and not at all time-consuming. 

How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

1.11 Hack #11: Use A Needle to Determine the Correct Direction

A needle can be used to find the correct direction and acts as an alternative to compasses. Magnetize the needle by rubbing it innumerable times on your hair. 

Place the needle on a leaf and let it float in the water along with the needle. 

The needle will reposition the leaf on the water to face in the north-south direction. 

Magnetic needle as compass
Use A Needle to Determine the Correct Direction

1.12 Hack #12: Use Mirror to Transmit Distress Signals

During times of crisis, you may use fire as a means of transmitting a signal. Mirrors or any other reflective devices may serve as signals for help.

If you spot any distant airplane, car, people, or boat, you can keep on flashing light at these targets until they notice you.

Send SOS Signal w/ Reflective Surface | Survival Skills

1.13 Hack #13: Make Ropes from Tree

Ropes can be easily made from the Yucca tree. Take a tall and thin branch.

Pluck out a Yucca leaf and beat the leaf using the piece of branch or wood for a long duration. After you obtain the fibers from the leaves, turn and twist them to form a rope. 

Make Ropes from Tree
Make Ropes from Tree

1.14 Hack #14: Predict Weather

It is quite important to predict the weather before starting the journey. Certain signs help you to ascertain the possible weather of a place.

Look for the rings around the moon. This is because cirrostratus clouds form rings around the moon. If you spot the rings, cancel your plans because it will probably rain heavily the next day.  

You can also go through the weather forecast news to get some idea about the weather at your destination. 

Predict Weather
Predict Weather

1.15 Hack #15: Make A Temporary Slings

In case of injuries, you will feel the need for slings. The easiest thing to make a sling is to use your bandanas, towels, blankets, or shirts.

If the piece of cloth that you intend to use is big, make it short by cutting it as per your need. Similarly, if you have got a small piece of clothing, use other clothes and make the sling by tying all of them. 

1.16 Hack #16: Use Water Bottle as a Source of Light

Lights are required to illuminate the insides of your shelter. You can use a water bottle to act as a light.

Take a transparent bottle that is filled with water. Then make a hole at the roof of your camp/shelter.

Place the water bottle at the hole, and there you are! Your shelter will light up owing to the dispersion of light through the water. 

water bottles for light
Use Water Bottle as a Source of Light

1.17 Hack #17: Collect Rainwater from Tarp

You will never feel the shortage of water if you collect a considerable amount of water beforehand. After it rains, take a bucket and collect the water that has accumulated in the tarp of your tent. 

1.18 Hack #18: Fight Snow Blindness Using Duct Tapes

To protect yourself from snow blindness, you can make glasses out of duct tapes.

To make this, take duct tape and cut it into two strips. Create a loop according to the size of your head by using the exposed part of the sticky portion to stick together. 

Then carve thin slots for eye holes by placing the loop on the piece of wood. Your glasses are now ready to be used!

How to Make Emergency Snow Blindness Goggles

1.19 Hack #19: Use Charred Sticks to Leave a Trail

There is a high probability of getting lost inside the dense forests. Leaving a trail will help you to trace the path and return to your camp safely. 

Use charred sticks to draw arrows along the way. You can easily identify the correct way with the aid of directions drawn in charcoal. 

Another great idea to prevent yourself from getting lost is by writing messages or any other signs on trees, rocks, or any other notable spot. 

1.20 Hack #20: Use Brassier as Breathing Mask

Masks can be easily made using brassier. Cut it into two parts. The two separate cups of the brassier can be used as two separate breathing masks.

Make a hole in the side of the cup. Place the cup tightly on your face and cut off the straps. 

Breathing masks prevent you from inhaling toxic air. 

1.21 Hack #21: Build a Shelter using Tarp

You can easily construct a tarp shelter, the steps of which are described below. 

Tie cords or ropes between two trees of a sturdy frame. Next, drape the tent over it. Give the finishing effect by adding rocks or sticks to anchor the sides of the tarp. 

To make a shelter, you can also make use of a fallen tree by draping a tarp over it.  

Tarp tent
Build a Shelter using Tarp


Using the survival life hacks described in this article gives you an idea of the ways to make ordinary things serve a different purpose. 

You can also devise new survival hacks using your creativity. There are so many ways of using things cleverly that you will get a never-ending list of survival DIYs. 

Make the best use of the items that you are carrying to create something that is not unique but also of importance. The main survival life hacks that can save your life are covered in this article.


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